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Women Empowerment in Nepal


Women Empowerment in Nepal
The empowerment of women is the most important and critical issue is that everyone should have
everyone to support and give value. The paradox of maintaining the status of women in Nepal and the
balance between a reliable modern gender equality culture and a dynamic ancient male culture provides
a clear view that creates a social crisis in modern Nepali society.

In this context, the rise in women's empowerment through education and awareness has not yet found
a stable position. The performance of government and various companies to illuminate the lamps of
women's empowerment has shown positive results. But that does not seem to be the case; the growing
critical controversy is reflected in the outstanding gap in the status of women between Nepal's urban
and rural areas. There are many things to be developed from every member of the Nepali community.
After all, empowerment of women is not only a burning issue for women's rights but also a duty of all
men to be fired as a warmth of inspiration; respect, and love from their soul.
Women in IT
IT (Information Technology) is the world's largest producer and is considered to be the most efficient
platform. The percentage of women percentages of technological performance is relatively small
compared to other sectors. It can be seen more widely that, as men dominate IT, there are more
products and services tailored to the needs of men. Unfortunately, women have to rely heavily on men
to design, process and produce the much-needed goods for women. But even if a woman decides to
work in the IT field, it can be challenging.
A few years ago, when I joined Computer Science, there was an only 3 girls among 50 students! Just
imagine how it would feel. It scared me and made me doubt my passion. My countless requests from
some of my female friends to join Computer Science have been ignored as have many others. They
thought the computer camp was run by men. Ironically, today we live in a world where we have both
male and female nurses, and we find the computer industry to be a man.”

Improving girls' participation in IT is a modern need. Achieving women's participation in technology
requires good mentors, workshops and various awareness programs, which influence women to move
away from the idea of ​​masculinity in IT. So, in all things, we should help women develop their skills and
use their natural diversity in the field of technology. For these purposes, some of the educational, non-
educational and private companies provide education and training to close the gender gap. They offer
various workshops and programs and conferences in the IT field where interested girls can join. STEM is
a creative field. Recognizing the fact that girls should be provided with STEM information from an early
age. We wanted to say, that the role of women in IT is important in improving the lives of women and
closing the gender gap that exists in the technology sector. It is a great opportunity for Nepali girls to
empower their economic, technological and social lives.

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